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Dell Mini launching Thursday?

The ultraportable Dell's long-rumored to have in the works will be introduced in two days, according to a partner.

Dell Mini Inspiron
Dell Mini Inspiron: One of the worst-kept tech secrets this year. Gizmodo

Ever since Michael Dell was spotted toting a bright red ultraportable notebook around an industry conference earlier this year, there's been speculation about when Dell would unveil it as an official product.

That time is apparently this Thursday, September 4, according to, a company partnering with Dell on the ultraportable. makes OpenBox, an application for online file management that will be one of the preinstalled programs on the Dell Mini.'s inclusion on the PC indicates that Dell is targeting very mobile users. OpenBox is a hosted storage system, and it will allow access to almost two dozen online services like photo sharing, Facebook integration, file sharing, and online document collaboration tools.

Dell had no comment.