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Dell makes a business thin-and-light: Latitude 13

Take a dash of Adamo and add massive corporate IT appeal, and you have a formula for a very attractive business ultrathin.


While optical drive-free larger-screened thin-and-light laptops are not always ideal for the average consumer, they could be the killer app for business travelers. Dell has formally announced the Latitude 13, described as "the world's thinnest 13-inch commercial client laptop," as a solution for businesses that might want to incorporate a device as thin as a Netbook, but with significantly more processing muscle.


With a look that's nearly identical to the recently-released Vostro 13, the Latitude 13 has a look evolved somewhat from the Adamo school of thin-and-light design, with metallic angles and a clean profile. What the Latitude 13 should offer that the Vostro 13 doesn't is a preinstalled Citrix client, easier virtualization options, and an IT-friendly infrastructure for distributing system images for software updates.

Bluetooth, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, and WWAN wireless options are available, as well as an optional Blu-ray external drive--not that we know of many businesses that would justify such an expense.

The Latitude 13 will be available for order in a few weeks from Dell's website, with pricing and CPU configurations to be determined--but we expect a similar ULV processor as the Vostro 13.