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Dell launches Spanish-language corporate blog

After launching a Chinese blog two months ago, Dell moves on to the next language.

Dell chairman and CEO Michael Dell announced Tuesday at the Entrepreneur Endeavor Summit that the company has launched, a Spanish-language blog geared toward communicating with its customer base and other stakeholders. Dell considers it to be an extension of Direct2Dell, its English-language corporate blog that it has operated since July 2006. In March, Dell launched a Chinese version of Direct2Dell.

On the new blog, employees from the company's management, customer care, personnel, and engineering divisions will "listen to customers? feedback, discuss IT trends, and blog about technology topics," according to a statement released Tuesday. Readers are encouraged to leave comments and feedback.

In his announcement, Michael Dell said that Latin America is one of the company's fastest growing markets, but that he expects Spanish speaking customers in countries like Spain and the United States to also use the DellenDirecto blog.