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Dell: Chrome OS is one of many Linux-based OSes

The PC maker is looking at Chrome OS for the future, but is currently planning on releasing other Linux-based operating systems sooner.

Though Dell didn't have much to say about Google's Chrome OS announcement last week, the PC maker is apparently looking closely at it.

Dell Mini 10 netbook
Dell says it has options for Linux OSes for Netbooks. Dell

But for Dell--which was not listed as one of the PC makers working with Google on Chrome OS--it is just one of a number of Linux-based operating systems it is evaluating.

"As with most new technology, Dell plans to evaluate the Chrome OS and other alternative operating environments, like we've done in the past," a Doug Anson, a technology strategist for Dell, wrote Wednesday in Dell's Direct2Dell blog. He added that Dell has a "great relationship with Google."

But from that post, it appears Dell is far more interested in a different distribution of Linux, called Moblin. Doug A. writes:

Moblin is the next evolutionary step of the traditional Linux environment where focus on smaller devices and small screens is a requirement. It takes a different approach to its user experience from either Dell's current offering or Ubuntu Netbook Remix by further simplifying the self-directedness of the desktop - no user guide should be needed to learn how to use Moblin. Additionally, Moblin replaces some of the traditional Linux applications, such as media players, browsers, etc..., with equivalent versions that have been specifically optimized to align with this new design behavior/look and feel of Moblin.

Basically, Chrome falls in line with what Dell has been working on. It sounds like Dell believes it will be a good option for Dell Netbooks. But until Chrome is ready to ship on a product, Dell users are going to get Moblin Linux or Dell's own flavor of Ubuntu, which it already offers.