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Dell burner features burn-to-DVD movie downloads

PC maker teams with Sonic Solutions for an external drive that lets you burn movies and TV shows from CinemaNow to DVDs. The content selection is currently limited, though.

Updated at 2:17 p.m. PDT with number of downloads currently available on CinemaNow.

Dell is out with a new external drive that lets you expand your home movie library (legally) by burning downloads to DVD.

The PC maker has teamed with Sonic Solutions to offer the Qflix DVD burner, which lets you download films and TV shows from movie site CinemaNow and transfer them to multiple digital devices.

Qflix DVD drive

"Two of the key things holding consumers back in their willingness to purchase movies electronically are worries about long-term ownership and portability of the downloaded file," Tom Adams, president of Adams Media Research, said in a statement. "Providing the security of a DVD backup and the assurance that the file will play on the majority of standard DVD players--set-top, desktop, or portable--is a key step forward."

Qflix is a legal, recordable DVD standard. Approximately 100 Qflix-ready movie selections are currently available on CinemaNow, which says it plans to expand the number of offerings (a welcome move). Films can be downloaded for $9.95 a pop.

Starting Monday, the Qflix DVD burner is available for $120 as a standalone product, with the bundle (including the drive, which also supports standard DVD read/write functions; two recordable Qflix DVD discs; Roxio Venue and CinemaNow software; and a USB cable) available as an option on most Inspiron, Studio, and XPS laptops. Dell says the package will be available soon on some consumer desktops, as well.