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Dell bundles movies on PCs with CinemaNow

Like its music bundling service with Universal Music Group, a selection of movies can be pre-loaded during order.

As it did with music, Dell will also start offering movies pre-loaded on select laptops and desktops.

Starting at $25, "bundles" of mainstream films can be added to a computer's hard drive during the ordering process on The bundles available currently include genre groupings like the comedy collection of Zoolander, Nacho Libre, and School of Rock, and trilogies like Spider-Man and The Fast and the Furious.

Dell CinemaNow downloads
Dell teams up with CinemaNow on movie downloads.

Though the selection is limited and all of the movies come packaged in Windows Media DRM, the content offerings will be updated regularly in the future, according to Dell and CinemaNow, which is providing the movies.

Dell already works with CinemaNow on the Qflix DVD burner.

The movie download option is only available on the Inspiron 1525, Studio 15, and XPS 1535 laptops, and Inspiron 530, Inspiron 530s, Studio Desktop, and XPS 420 desktops. The XPS One desktop and Dell Mini 9 netbook are not part of this promotion.