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Deliveroo slashes fees for takeout addicts with new subscription service

Deliveroo's new subscription service lets you pay for delivery charges monthly which could save you a bunch of money.


Food delivery service Deliveroo has launched a subscription service that lets you pay monthly or yearly for your delivery fees, instead of each time you order.

It could save you a whole bunch of money, but only if you're a serious takeaway addict.

The subscriptions on offer are £8.99 per month or £89 for a year. Delivery charges are currently set at £2.50 per order, so you'd need to order at least four times a month to get your money's worth. Personally, I would be quids in.

The subscription service doesn't affect how much the food itself costs.

The new subscription scheme comes just weeks after Deliveroo was hit by a hack that saw customers charged for food that was never delivered.

It will launch first in Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Brighton and York on 19 January, and is open only to existing Deliveroo customers during the trial phase.

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