Man in Darth Vader costume robs a bank: Definitely Dark Side

The Dark Side got a little darker when a bank robber dressed in a Darth Vader getup robbed a bank in North Carolina.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Darth Vader robber
This is a wanted man in a Darth Vader costume. Pineville Police

We all know Darth Vader is a fictional bad guy. A criminal recently co-opted the Sith Lord's look during the commission of a serious crime. The State Employees Credit Union in Pineville, N.C., was robbed on Monday, and what's generated attention across the globe is the costume robber wore.

The robber dressed as Darth Vader and carried an unusual long gun. A lightsaber would have been much less frightening. The outlaw didn't just opt for a Darth Vader mask (which doesn't appear to be terribly screen-accurate), but showed up wearing a full costume complete with the chest computer and black gloves.

The criminal got away with cash. Pineveille Police lieutenant Corey Copley told local station WCNC, "You see all kinds of disguises here and there, but this one in my experience is the most unusual."

The investigation is ongoing and the Pineville Police are still looking for leads as to the robber's identity. The costume is uncommon, so the cops are hopeful it will help lead them to the suspect. "He has shown somebody that he's got this and hopefully the person, one of your viewers, will be able to see and call and give us some tips on that," Copley told WCNC.

The incident sets up an interesting real-life metaphor. The thief is Darth Vader, dedicated to the evil ways of the Dark Side. The Pineville Police are the crusading Jedi, set on bringing light to the galaxy. If the story holds true to form, then the bad guy will be apprehended and his Death Star of criminal activities brought to a close.

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