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Declare war on your cubicle nemesis

USB rocket launcher has 15-foot range.


Live out your fantasy of being an army commander with the USB wireless rocket launcher from ThinkGeek. Place the launcher within a 15-foot radius of your command center (that would be your computer), position the transmitting and receiving dish within sight of each other, and count down to D-Day saying, "Hasta la vista, baby." If you miss your target with the first missile, quickly send the command to reposition it and try again. You've only three foam missiles, so make careful use of it. To make the experience more complete, dig out your toy soldiers and station them around the launcher.

The pre-recorded sound effects are cool to hear when you launch your missiles, but that would give away its location. You don't want to see this $45 piece of equipment being stomped on by your cubicle nemesis.

(Source: Crave Asia)