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Deck your iPhone out in retro Apple rainbows and air vents

Get your retro-Apple vibe on with a customized iPhone 6S made to evoke the look of '80s Macintosh designs.

Colorware retro iPhones
Put your iPhone in a time machine.

Maybe you're a child of the '80s. Maybe you're an original Mac user from way back. Maybe you just like the look of Apple's squat old-school computers. But you don't want to give up the latest iPhone technology. You can have it all with ColorWare's iPhone 6S Retro and iPhone 6S Plus Retro.

ColorWare customizes the looks of all sorts of technology products, from gaming controllers to headphones. Want a PlayStation done in your college team colors? Done. Here, the Retro iPhones are done up in a matte vanilla-colored exterior. Fake air vents look like they were peeled off the top of an original Apple Macintosh from the '80s.

ColorWare's work involves the application of a custom paint finish. The crowning glory of the design is a throwback glossy rainbow Apple logo, standing out against the light background and declaring an allegiance to an earlier time in Apple's design history.

The unlocked phones come at a premium price. The iPhone 6S Retro starts at $1,599 and the 6S Plus Retro starts at $1,699. (They ship internationally; those prices convert to roughly £1,060/AU$2,270 for the 6S Retro and £1,125/AU$2,410 for the 6S Plus Retro). Each one is limited to 25 copies.

The last time ColorWare stepped into a time machine, it brought back the MacBook Air Retro, a 2014 laptop decked out in a putty color with crisp rainbow Apple logo where the glowing Apple normally sits. The company got the inspiration for the look from the Apple IIe, a chunky desktop that first appeared in 1983.

The Retro iPhones may not be as blingy as a smartphone decked out in diamonds and gold, but it will likely attract attention from eagle-eyed Apple fans eager to reminisce over the days when beige was fashionable, long before the iPhone was a gleam in Steve Jobs' eye.