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Death Star soccer ball: Kick 'em while they're Darth

Kick the Death Star to the curb with a soccer ball reproduction of Darth Vader's famous spacecraft.

Death Star soccer ball
Plant your Rebel Alliance foot on this.

"Star Wars" celebrations are known for offering exclusive merchandise as special lures for attendees. Sometimes, those exclusive items sneak out and become available to the general public. That's what happened with the limited-edition Death Star soccer ball.

ThinkGeek is selling a small quantity of these exclusive balls that were originally offered at "Star Wars" Celebration Europe. Naturally, they were originally called the "Celebration Europe Death Star Football." Other European items may be destined to stay exclusive, like the Death Star paper lantern and Endor speeder bike floaty pen.

The $30 soccer ball is a kickable re-creation of the Death Star. It comes deflated, so you'll have to provide your own air to pump it up to size. If you buy it, you should arrange a soccer game between Jedis and Stormtroopers, though it's probably easier to run around in brown robes than in white armor.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to make your own trench run on this thing, but you can enjoy the thrill of slamming your foot into the symbol of the Dark Side.