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Death Star Mood Light will brighten up your dark side

Relax between rebel uprisings with a soothing mood light shaped like the galaxy's most-feared instrument of destruction.

Death Star Mood Light
Chillax with this soothing Death Star light. Firebox

Things can seem kind of bleak when you're ruling the galaxy with a heavy hand, Force-choking your enemies and dealing with rebel scum. You need a little down time to relax and forget about your cares. You need to cultivate the proper atmosphere for this sort of reflection. You need a Death Star Mood Light glowing gently nearby.

The Death Star Mood Light is USB powered, making it a good potential choice your space-desk, where you plot the destruction of planets. It turns on with a push to the surface. LEDs generate the light, and a small transparent stand make the Death Star look like it's floating in the dark.

The light's globe is detailed to look like a small, milky-colored version of the full-size Death Star.

You don't have to be a high-ranking Sith Lord to enjoy the gadget. Jedi looking to plan an invasion could use it like a map, studying the external characteristics and crevices of the deadly spacecraft.

The light sells for £19.99 (about US$31, AU$42) from UK retailer Firebox.

Darth Vader might not approve of his planet-crushing creation being tamed into a relaxing lamp, but "Star Wars" fans will appreciate the radiant Dark Side decor.

Death Star Mood Light close-up
The mood light is detailed like the original. Firebox

(Via Nerd Approved)