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Run the Death Star or command like Kirk from these bean bags

Now you can destroy Alderaan or order the Enterprise into battle from the cozy comfort of your bean bag.

When the ultimate weapon becomes the ultimate chair.

Feel like destroying planets without actually getting up? Or ordering your crew around while sinking deeper into a cushy chair? Both Star Trek and Star Wars fans can turn their living rooms into outposts of distant galaxies with these stellar bean bag covers from ThinkGeek.

First, the bad news: You have to provide your own bean-bag filler--these are just covers. But the Death Star cover ($99.99, £80, AU$135) lets you fight back against the Empire by using your own body to prevent the infamous weapon from firing.

As the site notes: "Your body weight will sufficiently deform its shape, making it impossible for them to fire the Concave Dish Composite Beam Superlaser when ready, perhaps saving Alderaan in the process. (Your butt just saved millions of people!)"

But if you'd rather boldly go where no rec room has gone before, Kirk's Command Chair bean bag cover ($89.99, £72, AU$122) might be more your style.

"Control panels on this silver and black bean bag cover include a communications button and speaker; a visual display; buttons and lights for yellow alert, red alert, and to jettison a pod; and plenty of other unspecified buttons and lights to designate as you wish," the site notes.

Just think how many red-shirted ensigns you can send to their doom while watching ESPN and eating Cheetos.