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Death Star BBQ grill crushes planets, cooks hamburgers

Throw another Wampa sausage on the barbie! A Death Star-shaped grill will satisfy your desires for both galactic domination and a hot dinner.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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BBQ grill
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BBQ grill

Toss another Tauntaun on the barbie.

The Fowndry

The Death Star makes it easy to conceive of new Star Wars home decor and accessories. The thought process goes something like this: Is the object round? Yes? Great! Make it look like the Death Star! Finally, someone applied that simple logic to the ubiquitous barbecue grill.

The Fowndry's Star Wars Death Star BBQ chooses to go with a catchy silver surface rather than the black we most often see on grills by the likes of Weber. This is a smart choice because it really makes the details of the design stand out. The grill somehow manages to look both ominous and welcoming.

The charcoal-powered BBQ is surely capable of turning your grilled chicken into a mini-Alderaan. But use it wisely and you will create delectable meals. Depending on which side of the Force you fall on, those could include Wookiee steaks, Hutt wings, Wampa cutlets or Tauntaun kebabs.

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The BBQ is made from stainless steel with a heat-proof handle on top. The Death Star's superlaser focus lens (the spacecraft's "eye") is actually a thermal vent in disguise, allowing you to regulate the Tatooine-like temperatures inside.

The grill stands 33 inches tall (84 centimeters) and is available to preorder from The Fowndry for £99 (about $140, AU$200). The retailer is located in the UK, but ships internationally. The grill is scheduled to be released at the end of May.

You will want to use some Darth Vader BBQ tongs with your fancy new grill. This will help intimidate your hamburgers into cooking all the way through as they quake with fear at your approach. Summer evenings spent grilling on the patio will never be the same again.

(Via Oh Gizmo)