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Death Star and Borg Cube paper lanterns light up your fandom

Whether you're a Star Wars fan or a Star Trek fan (or both!), these paper lanterns will add a sci-fi touch to your home decor.

Death Star and Borg Cube lanterns
Glowing spacecraft can shine a light in your life.

Pick your seeemingly undefeatable enemy. Would you rather face a cyborg race of heartless killing machines called the Borg or go up against Darth Vader and his swarming Stormtrooper minions? Can't decide? Choose both with a set of Borg Cube and Death Star paper lanterns.

The ThinkGeek exclusives are designed to sit on the floor or on a tabletop, though you'll need some space. The Death Star stands 24 inches tall while the Borg Cube comes in at 18 inches. Both have wire armatures inside to give them shape and printed paper exteriors filled with details from the famous sci-fi spacecraft.

The paper lanterns can handle a 40-watt (or CRL or LED equivalent) bulb, so you're going to get more of a moody soft glow than a bright interrogation light from these. They come with foot-toggled on/off switches.

ThinkGeek reminds buyers of the delicate nature of these home decor objects. A curious cat or toy drone could easily rip a hole in their defenses. That makes them much easier to destroy than the original fictional ships they're modeled on. You don't need a trench run to cause damage, you just need a pet with furniture-scratching tendencies.

The concept of a Death Star paper lantern isn't new. Instructables, a how-to site for crafty makers, hosts DIY Death Star lantern instructions, though the end result has a very different look from the commercial product. A smaller, hanging version of the Death Star light appeared at Star Wars Celebration VI, a major fan gathering, back in 2012.

The Borg Cube and Death Star each sell for $39.99. Either one is a solid tribute to the fandom, but the ultimate geek home decorator would no doubt opt for one of each and then pit them against each other in a cross-franchise battle for evil supremacy.