Deadpool to become Pikachu in new Pokemon live-action movie

Ryan Reynolds will play the electric Pokemon. And he’ll be saying more than just “Pikachu.”

Ryan Reynolds plays a Pikachu with a detective cap in a new Pokemon live-action.

What's both cute and hot? That'll be Ryan Reynolds playing Pikachu.

The 41 year-old actor has agreed to star in a new live-action Pokemon movie, The Hollywood Reporter said on Wednesday. First announced last year, "Detective Pikachu" will be made by movie studio Legendary and is slated to begin shooting in mid-January in London next year.

The Detective Pikachu video game was released exclusively in Japan last year. You play a teenager trying to solve mysteries with your sidekick, a Pikachu that talks in a deep voice. So as you can probably guess, the movie will also feature a talking Pikachu, very likely speaking in Reynolds' voice.

It's not the first time a Pokemon movie will feature talking Pikachus. Last month, fans were left shocked when, in a scene in "Pokemon: I Choose You," Pikachu lay next to its trainer, Ash Ketchum, opened its mouth and out came the words: "I always want to be with you." In a high-pitched voice.

Reynolds' role will be "motion-capture in nature," according to an unnamed source quoted by THR. This means Pikachu will be digitally added to the film. Reynolds follows in the motion-captured footsteps of Andy Serkis, who pioneered motion-capture technology in his role as Gollum in the Lord of the Rings films, King Kong, and Caesar in the Planet of the Apes franchise.

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