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Day 3 and no dead teens yet.

The Macalope's purchase experience and some thoughts on the iPhone.

Still, Mr. Enderle wasn't specific about how long it would take the iPhone to claim its first victim so we should be patient.

The furred Applephile has his finely finished phone and he couldn't be more pleased. Absolutely zero buyer's remorse.

Indeed, it reminded him of the last life-altering product he purchased which was an Airport Base Station (although it could have been any wireless access point). This will truly change the way he works and plays.

The Macalope went to an AT&T store on Saturday morning as the Apple Stores are a little sparse out here on the high mountain plains. He was a little nervous leaving without having it activated, but that's the process.

For some reason there were five AT&T employees in the store and only one was qualified to check the horned one out. Normally, he'd chalk this up to antler fear -- it's an occupational hazard -- but all the other patrons were forced to wait for the same person. Apple made some progress with AT&T but even Steve Jobs doesn't have enough hit points to overcome that kind of inertia.

The store the Macalope visited was out of the 8 GB models as of early Saturday morning. There were two people there who bought their iPhones on Friday night and being unable to get them to authenticate, thus increasing the Macalope's authentication performance anxiety.

Fortunately, once he got it home (after running four or five stoplights and clipping just one little old lady out for her morning constitutional) activation was a breeze. The horned one knows that while the process of activation was idiot-proof, many people had absurdly long waits for their iPhones to receive their marching orders from the evil overlords at AT&T. But for this mythical beast (who already had an AT&T account), it took perhaps 60 seconds.

The Internet is now awash with iPhone reviews so the Macalope will just leave you with some thoughts he hasn't seen anywhere else yet.

  • Love it that it plays music through the speaker. Crappy sound, yes, but enough for listening to a podcast or sampling a song or video for someone.
  • The Macalope would rather have "Sports" (or "Scores") than "Stocks".
  • The Mail app has no spam filter, so you'll need to do that on the server side.

Bottom line:

It's the first phone the Macalope's ever had that just makes sense.

And it looks real purty.