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David Duchovny teases that more 'X-Files' are on the way

Mulder tells Scully to polish up her FBI badge "soonish," and fans hope the truth is out there. We so want to believe.

Oh, Mulder, you big ol' tease.

On Tuesday, "X-Files" star David Duchovny tweeted an innocent birthday greeting to co-star Gillian Anderson, who plays his partner Agent Dana Scully on the sci-fi show.

But being Duchovny, he had to drop a little mystery into the message.

The hit 1990s show was resurrected on Fox earlier this year for a six-episode 10th season. On Monday, Fox Entertainment President David Madden told the Television Critics Association summer press tour that hopes were high for X to once again mark the spot.

"We would love to do other seasons," Madden said, according to Deadline. "There are significant talks with (Duchovny, Anderson and show creator Chris Carter). "We are working hard, and would like to get a new season soon."

Fans, predictably, were as excited as the Lone Gunmen used to be when a new conspiracy showed up.

And Anderson herself got in on the fun, needling her co-star a little about his lack of Twitter etiquette in the process.