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Little girl persuades Google to give dad day off (with cute letter)

A little girl writes to Google and complains that her daddy gets only Saturdays off from the company. And it's his birthday. Google relents.

That's the way to persuade Google. Imgur

Google is well known for its sensitivity to humankind.

Those who work for the company know that they will receive fine meals, wonderful playrooms, and other generous benefits, as long as they work all the time and never go home.

One little girl named Katie decided that this just wasn't good enough. Her daddy was rarely around. He got only one day off a week.

She decided, therefore, to petition daddy's caring employer to give him time off.

Did she send an email? She did not. Did she leap into a self-driving car, turn up in Mountain View, and demand an audience with Larry Page? She did not.

She wrote a letter.

This first appeared on Reddit and touched the hearts of even the most hardened. Her letter read: "Dear google worker. Can you please make sure when daddy goes to work, he gets one day off. Like he can get a day off on wednesday. Because daddy ONLY gets a day off on saturday."

She then added two helpful notes.

"PS. It is daddy's birthday," read one. The other: "PPS. It is summer, you know."

Oh, but at Google it's always summer. Whatever clouds exist are only there to keep your information safe from everyone except those who work at Google -- whom you trust more than you trust Santa Claus.

Google was clearly impressed. It replied that the letter was a delight, but that the little girl didn't quite meet the company's entry requirements to be a project manager. Perhaps she could try again next year.

I'm sorry. I have that all wrong. Google's Daniel Shiplacoff -- a senior design manager there -- replied that Katie's note was "thoughtful." My, what emotions they have over there.

He added: "Your father has been hard at work designing many beautiful and delightful things for Google and millions of people around the globe."

Yes, yes. All very well. But what about the day off?

Shiplacoff wrote: "On the occasion of his Birthday, and recognizing the importance of taking some Wednesdays off during the summer, we are giving him the whole first week of July as vacation time."

A Google spokesperson confirmed to the Blaze that the exchange was genuine. However, I have contacted Google to see how the letter was delivered.

There are many people around the world who would like Google to do something for them too. If the effective method is to write a letter by hand, they need to know whether to mail it, FedEx it, send it by carrier pigeon, or even by balloon.

Dear Google, can you stop telling me that I don't like driving when I do?

Isn't that a nice boss? Imgur