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Daters Spent $4.2 Billion Globally Looking for Love in 2021, Report Says

A report from App Annie finds that despite the pandemic, daters are willing to pay more for subscriptions and premium features than ever before.

People are spending money on dating apps around the world.
James Martin/CNET

Daters around the world shelled out some serious cash in 2021 to find love, or the next best thing. 

Globally, consumer spending on dating apps hit $4.2 billion, up 30% from the previous year, according to a report out Monday from app analytics firm App Annie. Among the biggest winners in the pack of dating apps is Tinder. Owned by Match Group, Tinder was the No. 1 most downloaded dating app, accounting for $1.35 billion in consumer spending. That's up 35% from the prior year, according to the report. 

App Annie chalked some of the growth in the dating app market to the pandemic and the ways apps have tried to compensate for decreased access to places like bars and restaurants.

"Bars and clubs closed, people gravitate towards virtual meeting places," the report said. "What are these people to do when they find a suitable partner online but they cannot take the next step and meet in person?"

The report noted apps like Tinder started offering things like quizzes, swipe nights and virtual events as a way of diversifying how people use them.