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Dash Express releases software update

Dash Navigation releases a wireless update that brings a number of new features and fixes to the Dash Express.

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Bonnie Cha
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Dash Express Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

Today, Dash Navigation set free a wireless software update that brings a number of new features and fixes to its Dash Express GPS device. The June08 update will be delivered over the air to Dash owners, so there's no need to connect to a PC or purchase software DVDs; you'll simply receive a notification when you next start your device. But what exactly are you getting? In short, smarter routing options and hopefully, better performance. Here's the breakdown of features:

FasterFind: This should let the Dash Express get a faster GPS fix by using over-the-air GPS satellite position information powered by SiRFInstantFix technology. FasterFind will also help to pick up your position faster, even when you're driving through heavily wooded areas or in urban canyons with skyscrapers, which often cause portable navigation systems to lose a GPS fix.

MyRoute: For frequently visited locations, Dash will "learn" your preferred route and then add this as your first option, dubbed MyRoute, when you're setting out to the same destination. The system will calculate the estimated time of arrival of that route based on the traffic data. You can then compare it with the other suggested routes and see if MyRoute is still your best option.

Search along route: This feature allows for enhanced and optimized points of interest searches along your route. Results are shown by distance from your present location and the direction off the route.

The June08 update also brings some tweaks to the user interface and enhanced performance, including 50 percent faster map redraws, quicker toggling between 2D and 3D maps, and smoother map zooming. More than anything, we hope the tracking capabilities of the Dash have improved, as this was our biggest complaint when we reviewed the Dash Express back in March. We're planning to get the updated version of the portable navigation system soon, so fingers crossed. And of course, we'll report back with results.