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Darth Vader toothpick dispenser puts a lightsaber in your mouth

This totally absurd toothpick dispenser will soon be a must-have collectible for Star Wars nerds.

The galaxy's deadliest toothpick.
Bandai/Dengeki Hobby Web

Let's have a competition for the silliest Star Wars merchandise ever created.

I'll see your Chewbacca Crocs and your Jar Jar Binks Pez container and raise you a Darth Vader toothpick dispenser.

Go ahead and fold. There's no shame in that.

The Darth Vader Toothpick Dispenser is a thing of absurd beauty. I wish I was in the room when it was dreamed up. I wonder what the moment of epiphany -- when a creative, free-thinking person connected the dots between toothpicks and lightsabers -- must have been like.

Purely as a figurine, the dispenser is a model of cool. Darth Vader stands ready for action, arm extended and cape swooping back as if moved by an invisible wind.

The cape hides a toothpick storage compartment. Swing the lever on the back and the compartment opens up. Then Vader's arm moves as if to grab a toothpick.

The dispenser holds 10 toothpicks, which is enough to get you through a few battles with spinach salads. We'll all just have to wait for someone to come out with little tiny lightsaber toothpicks, or perhaps you can cram some lightsaber cupcake picks in there.

Toy blog Dengeki Hobby Web reports the dispenser comes from Bandai and will be released in June for 2,980 yen (about $26, £18, AU$35). There's no word on whether it will be available outside of Japan, but something as bizarre as this could be worth using an international shipping service to obtain. It will go great with your lightsaber cutlery.

(Via Technabob)