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Darth Vader took an iPhone selfie?

To launch the "Star Wars" Instagram account, Disney portrays the dark side portraying itself. Wait, is that an iPhone?

The Dark loves the Dark? Star Wars/Instagram

Does evil love itself?

Does it crave to stare at its own image and perhaps even one day sext?

This might seem possible after witnessing a selfie posted to the new "Star Wars" Instagram account.

For here is Darthness itself, in the person of the Lord Vader, behaving like a 13-year-old high school student.

He chooses his best side and he shoots.

Of course, this is all publicity for "Star Wars: Episode VII," whose premiere is a full two years away.

Will Disney be able to maintain Instagram interest for those two years? And look at Darth's phone. Doesn't that look very slightly like an iPhone?

Darth doesn't have a Droid?

Personally, I hope the whole of this Instagram account is taken up by the Life of Darth.

I want to see what he has for dinner, where he goes on vacation and, most importantly, how many sunsets he photographs.

I want to see him with his girlfriend (or boyfriend) and I want to see some family pics. Most of all, I want to know whether he shops at Prada or Gucci.

If this Instagram account is going to be used merely for publicity shots, it will be a painful disappointment.

There's a certain protocol on Instagram. It's there to help you prove your life is more beautiful than everyone else's.

For that, you need to be sprightly with filters. I'm not sure Darth's got the hang of that yet.