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Police warn Darth Vader not to text and drive

California police pull over the infamous Star Wars Sith Lord to remind people no one is exempt from laws against dangerous driving habits.

Darth Vader is used to getting his own way in a galaxy far, far away, but when he's visiting California he'd better put away his cell phone when driving.

In this video posted by the Mountain View Police Department on Friday, Darth Vader learns the hard way that texting while driving is inexcusable on any planet.

"While the fate of the Jedi may be in limbo, your safety should never be in question," the video description says. "Driving distracted in any galaxy is illegal. Keep your eyes on the road."

This isn't the first time the Mountain View Police Department featured Star Wars characters in its PSA videos.

Last year, the department featured Darth Vader in an entertaining campaign to warn people not to drive under the influence.

"Even Jedi mind tricks won't help Darth Vader when it comes to driving under the influence," that video said. "No matter what galaxy you are in, designate a sober driver this holiday weekend, and make sure that you get home safely."

I just feel bad for the poor Stormtrooper who keeps ending up in the passenger seat every time Darth Vader breaks a traffic law.