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DareDroid 2.0 dress dispenses fashion, cocktails

Fashion and drinks have long gone together well. The DareDroid 2.0 kicks up it a notch with a dress that dispenses cocktails based on sensors and a touch screen game of Truth or Dare.

DareDroid 2.0 cocktail-making dress
Excuse me, maam, there's something stuck to your back.
Jean-Sebastien Senecal

If filmmaker David Cronenberg designed a dress, it would look like the DareDroid 2.0. This cocktail-making frock looks like the union of a Madonna outfit and a cyborg jellyfish injected with the DNA of a bartender.

The DareDroid didn't come from Chanel or Versace. It sprung from the minds of a design team called the Modern Nomads, a trio that consists of Marius Kintel, Anouk Wipprecht, and Jane Tingley--a hacker, fashion designer, and sculptor, respectively. Now it all starts to make sense.

The dress isn't all tubes and white fabric. There's a lot of tech tucked in. Medical tubing and bottles hold the liquid. Custom hardware makes the dispenser function.

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Built-in sensors are triggered by proximity. Remain at a respectful distance and the dress will dispense a non-alcoholic beverage. Get too close and it will shut off. LEDs alert you to just how close you are.

Once the liquid is dispensed, the host (or model) in the DareDroid will invite you to play a touch-based phone game of Truth or Dare that is mounted on her wrist. Make it through and the model will reward you by giving you a shot of alcohol to add to your drink.

This is not too far off from the theatricality that happens in bars every weekend. Exchange a little personal information. Get a free drink. This version just happens to look like it powers a Star Trek Borg on a spaceship. Cool.

(Via Fashioning Technology)