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Danger to unveil prototype device

The start-up company plans to show carriers a prototype of a new all-in-one Hiptop device it is developing to run its wireless software and services.

Start-up company Danger is ready to take the wraps off a prototype of new all-in-one device it is developing to run its wireless software and services.

The prototype of the next-generation Hiptop device will be demonstrated to potential carrier customers this week at the 3GSM World Congress 2004 in Cannes, France, representatives for Danger said on Monday. New features in the color-display device, which will be smaller than current models, include an integrated camera, a speakerphone and application-launch buttons.

Hiptop is Danger's reference design for a combination cell phone and Web-browsing handheld device.

The added features planned for the device build off trends in the handset market, such as the popularity of integrated cameras, which helped phone makers to ship a record number of units in 2003.

The focus of the development of the new Hiptop device is to make its features more accessible, the company said. New services will also be added. It will have roughly the same front size as current models but will be about 25 percent thinner, Danger said.

The new model is set for release later this year, according to Danger, which would not comment on a more exact availability date or on pricing.

By previewing the device, Danger runs the risk of slowing down sales in the United States, as consumers may choose to wait to purchase the new model. However, the new model has only reached the prototype stage and has not yet been approved by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.