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Dance like Chewbacca with this 'Star Wars' remix

Remix masters Eclectic Method pay tribute to all things Chewbacca in this music video worthy of a Wookiee roar.

When you're the one Wookiee at the center of all the action, you might have quite a few things to say about your best friend Han Solo and his attempt to woo Princess Leia, not to mention that whiny droid C-3PO.

While many of us have yet to speak the Wookiee language of Shyriiwook fluently, Chewbacca's roars, grunts, and growls make for a totally danceable music remix.

In the new music video "Chewie Tune" by Eclectic Method, we see Chewbacca at his best -- chatting with Han Solo, howling at Ewoks, growling at Stormtroopers and more.

This isn't the first time Eclectic Method has paid homage to "Star Wars." The remixers paid tribute to Yoda, Jedi wielding lightsabers and various .

Eclectic Method is led by Jonny Wilson and known for its danceable audio-visual remixes that gained acclaim in the 2009 documentary "Copyright Criminals," which celebrated the creativity of music sampling.

In the past, Eclectic Method also created remix videos about " Ghostbusters" and " Guardians of the Galaxy."