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Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders pimp Roto-Rooter's high-tech powder room

Roto-Rooter got a little help from the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders to launch its Pimped Out Powder Room Sweepstakes.

David Carnoy Executive Editor / Reviews
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David Carnoy
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Cheerleaders not included CNET Networks

What do Roto-Rooter, the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, and the ultimate high-tech bathroom for women have in common? We have no idea, but they all came together at an event in New York City for the launch of Roto-Rooter's Pimped Out Powder Room Sweepstakes, which is a follow-up to last year's Pimped Out John Sweepstakes.

Around 300,000 people signed up for a chance to win the ultimate john and you gotta think just as many will be interested for a shot at the powder room. Roto-Rooter calls this the "ultimate bathroom destination for the modern woman," but I can't see too many dudes complaining about hitting this head. (See the bathroom sans cheerleaders after the jump.)

Lots of gear in a little throne room CNET Networks

The press release notes: "Since women often sneak to the bathroom to steal moments of solace, the following features were incorporated into the Pimped Out Powder Room to ensure all time spent there is pleasant." (For the record, solace is not a man or woman thing, dammit!)

*Kohler San Raphael elongated one-piece luxury toilet with Ingenium flushing system

*Kohler C3-200 luxury toilet seat with bidet functionality, heated seat, deodorizer system, bowl light, and remote control

*Aquavision T-1 LCD MIRRORIVISION: This flat panel 17-inch TV doubles as a nonsteamable bathroom mirror and boasts a built-in heated towel rack. As if that's not enough, it's equipped with a waterproof remote control that can float in a bathtub

*Nintendo Wii video game system

*Conair Pro Styler 1875 watt salon-style hair dryer

*Homemedics Pedicure Footbath

*PhotoGlow virtual window: gives any bathroom the illusion of a view

*Apple 16GB iPod Touch

*Bose SoundDock wireless digital music system with iPod docking station

*Pottery Barn Perfectly Prepped bath caddy with makeup mirror, fully stocked with cosmetics

*Philips DVP3140 Ultra-slim Progressive Scan DVD player

*Pink Sony Vaio CR Series Notebook computer and custom-designed swing-away laptop desk Sonicare Flex electric toothbrush

*Pink Pottery Barn Supercool Fridge

*Flavia Fusion drinks station with supply of teas, coffees and drinks

*Magino acrylic stool/magazine rack

*Method Aroma Sticks aromatherapy vase

And what's up with the cheerleader tie-in? Well, according to a Roto-Rooter spokesperson, "The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are not only notoriously feminine, they're extremely busy. To be a member of the squad, the women must be enrolled in college or working part or full time, not to mention the long hours of physical and mental conditioning they go through to make the team. Whether waiting for practice to start or to hit the field, they spend hours in locker rooms each week where they not only get ready and perfect their routines, but also do homework and check e-mail."

Damn, you learn something new every day.

To sign up for Pimped Out Powder Room contest go to http://www.rotorooter.com/powder/enter.php.