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'Daily Show' browser extension turns Trump tweets into child's scribble

Commentary: Want to convert the president's tweets into kiddie art? This is one way.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

And here it is.

"The Daily Show"/Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Twitter wars aren't enough for people anymore.

They need new ways to express their support, their disgust, their self-righteousness or their fear that the world is about to end.

Creative sorts have, therefore, stepped in to allow for new forms of critical expression. Some have focused on the Twitter library of President Donald Trump.

The world's most famous Twitterer has already enjoyed a Chrome extension that turns his tweets into Comic Sans.

'The Daily Show" has now gone a step further -- or, depending on your perspective, further back. It's released an extension that turns his tweets into child's scribble.

At, you can download something that will help you turn the president's many and varied depictions of others as fake, corrupt or just sad! into kiddie writing.

On Twitter, "The Daily Show" insisted that this extension turned Trump's tweets into "their rightful state."

Oh, who knows what's rightful and what's wrongful these days? Facts are faked, arguments half-baked and morality drifts above it all like a Tinker Bell who's uncertain where to spread her fairy dust.

The more the president expresses his contempt for his perceived enemies, the more that contempt is mocked.

Thin is the line these days between making America great again and making America hate again.

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