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Daily Debrief: Making the contrarian case for Yahoo

Jerry Yang and team are mulling a big reorg. While there's no shortage of naysayers, the company still owns several prime Internet properties. What does it need to do next?

More trouble for the SS Yahoo. The latest exec to bail: Delicious founder Joshua Schachter, Meanwhile, a big reorgis said to be on the way. All the while, Yahoo shares continue to get slammed. But even before the Schachter news, Yahoo had suffered through the resignations of several high-profile execs. What's behind the rush for the exits? Is there a common theme or is it just happenstance?

Danny Sullivan at SearchEngineland has an interesting take and offers up this delish morsel:

How did Yahoo become such a loser company in anyone's mind other than the idiotic investors who usually don't seem to know what they've bought. Let's have a little reality check about that big fat failure Yahoo supposedly is.

So is there also a contrarian case to be made against the naysayers? More than you might think, at first blush. For more, check out my interview with CNET News.com Editor in Chief Dan Farber.