Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky' gets retro Mario Paint cover

A creative spirit reimagines Daft Punk's fun song with a cover made in the Super Nintendo game Mario Paint. What's not to like?

An album in the making?
Image by Christopher MacManus/CNET

Here's a question you probably don't hear often: Did you ever try the music mode in Mario Paint for Super Nintendo? If you're not aware, Mario Paint had an awesome 8-bit music composer and a genius has manipulated it to play a funky version of Daft Punk's summer hit "Get Lucky." It's funky fresh.

Using the standalone PC game Mario Paint Composer by Unfun Games, YouTube user jeonghoon95 re-created "Get Lucky" with amusing beeps, boops, and other effects that derive from video game sounds. It's not a simple composition, either, as the layered production uses several harmonies to create a rich chiptune re-creation of the catchy song.

The real fun parts of the song come toward the halfway point and at the end, as Jeonghoon95 mixes in Mario Paint's cat and dog sounds for the chorus and then car horns for the outro. Does anyone else think this could end up becoming the coolest ringtone ever? At the very least, someone needs to try overlaying Pharrell Williams onto the Mario Paint track to see what kind of musical magic happens.

Reaction to the cover has been generally positive, even inspiring one Twitter user named Ben Garvey to post that Daft Punk's entire latest album should get the Mario Paint treatment.