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Daft Punk minifigs 'Get Lucky' with official Lego review

Here's hoping this Daft Punk Lego Ideas project will finally be made into an official set so fans "Around the World" can grab them for their own collections.

Only Lego can make Daft Punk "Harder Better Faster Stronger." Lego Ideas

French electronic music duo Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, better known as Daft Punk, have plenty of geek cred. They sing about, and look like, robots. They composed the soundtrack for "Tron: Legacy." Their signature robotic helmets and metallic gloves make the band seem more like sci-fi characters than rock stars.

The duo's electro fashion choices make for great Lego minifigures too. So when Lego user Autorazr submitted his idea to Lego's Ideas site to pay tribute to Daft Punk as minifigures, you'd think it would have been an instant hit with both Lego and music fans.

Sadly, it took two years before the Daft Punk Lego Ideas project finally got the 10,000 required supporters it needed to qualify for an official Lego review in May.

"Daft Punk have created a visual history that lends itself to Lego," Autorazr said on his project page. "All if not most can be re-created with preexisting Lego parts."

The proposed project includes Daft Punk minifigs with musical instruments that include turntables, sequencers, mixers, controllers and a guitar, along with a stage with simple lighting and speakers.

"My robot minifigs are sporting helmets that are as close as what Lego makes to the real deal," Autorazr said. "I would prefer to have custom-printed visors for these guys, Thomas's helmet should have the all black visor with printing that says something Daft Punky in LEDs, and Guy's will retain the visor from my images but could maybe have some printing as well."

Now that the set is eligible for a company review, it's one step closer to possibly being released as an official set. Fingers crossed that Daft Punk gets inspired to make a Lego-themed music video in its honor.

Daft Punk Lego minifigs are ready to "Robot Rock"! Lego Ideas