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D20 die mug, because your morning coffee is critical

Turn every sip into an epic adventure with a mug shaped like a d20 die, complete with a lid to keep the heat in and your enemies out.

d20 mug
Coffee tastes better coming from a d20 mug. ThinkGeek

I was in elementary school when I first remember finding dice beautiful. My brother had Dungeons & Dragons and we played together sometimes. I was drawn to the translucent dice and especially admired the shape of the d20s. That was long before sources like Etsy and ThinkGeek started offering all sorts of homages to the legendary d20.

Now you can get d20 doormats, d20 pillows and d20 cufflinks. The latest entry into the d20 decor range is ThinkGeek's Critical Hit D20 Mug. The ceramic mug is bright red, so you won't ever overlook it among all your other gaming-themed mugs.

The mug is $12.99 (about £8, AU$17) and holds 12 ounces of your favorite liquid, most likely coffee or tea, but you could fill it with ogre mountain brew if you like.

The d20 shape is completed by a lid with a little handle. There's a regular mug handle on the side and a flat bottom, so it won't work as an actual rolling die should you lose all your real dice down in the couch cushions.

The mug will weather the assaults of a dishwasher or microwave, much as your powerful paladin will weather an onslaught of wraiths. If you're not into sipping hot beverages, you could always press the mug into service as a dice holder to decorate your gaming table.

d20 mug
Roll your way to a morning coffee buzz. ThinkGeek