D-Can: The camera of the future

Is it time to rethink the form factor of cameras? One designer thinks so. Check out his concept here.

Jean-michel Bonnemoy

Meet the D-Can, a concept camera that resembles a military-grade spotting scope equipped with long-zoom capabilities.

Straying from traditional camera designs (though it's somewhat similar to the Lytro camera), designer Jean-michel Bonnemoy believes the form factor of today's cameras should be updated to a cylindrical design for better ergonomics.

Jean-michel Bonnemoy

This concept snapper features an ISO range of 100 to 6,400 and comes with a long-zoom lens coupled with image stabilization capabilities. Its lens cap doubles as an electronic flash--capable of firing an AF-assist beam at the same time.

When the camera's in use, shutterbugs can either utilize a hooded magnifier to frame compositions or choose the camera's Live View function via a high-definition LCD display. Autofocus can be further fine-tuned using the snapper's onboard trackball.

Jean-michel Bonnemoy

It also comes with external ports that allow users to equip the device with an audio headset, a stereo microphone, and an external power supply.

Should the D-Can become a reality, we wonder if one would be able to store it in a pocket comfortably due to its elongated shape.

(Source: Crave Asia via Petapixel)