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Cyclists may get a hand (and arm) with safety

Award-winning concept would embed "smart" LEDs in jacket sleeves.


Although automobiles have countless safety devices and technologies, there are relatively few for bicycles by comparison. And that makes little sense when you look at the global trends, which will only increase in coming years with the growth of green initiatives.

That shortcoming inspired London design student Michael Chen to come up with a concept for a jacket he calls the "Reactiv" (that's right, there's no "e" at the end--it's not at typo or some weird British spelling). Using an accelerometer to track movement, the high-tech garment has LEDs on the sleeves that change colors depending on the cyclist's actions--such as green for acceleration, red for braking, and flashing amber for turns, according to Pocket-lint. The design has won a James Dyson Award from the foundation of the same name that's dedicated to inspirating design innovation.

The Reactiv jacket is only a concept at present, but Chen hopes to make a reality in production. In the meantime, there's always the "Bicygnals."