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Cute robot passes small but important AI test (Tomorrow Daily 211)

Ashley and Khail discuss an important step forward in artificial intelligence, why Oculus signed two VR filmmakers to a multi-year deal and how Ford wants to make its cars' headlights smarter.

Happy Monday! We're back with a new show to kick off a new week. What's on the menu this afternoon, you ask? Well...

A robot in a New York-based lab was able to reason itself through a logic puzzle and provide a correct answer after differentiating itself from two other robots. All three were given a logic puzzle, but the only robot able to speak had to solve it, and the little bot figured it out. That's a genuine step towards true artificial intelligence, so it's worth discussing.

There's also some movement happening over in virtual reality: Oculus has signed a huge deal with Felix & Paul Studios, a small production house dedicated to creating VR experiences for major clientele. Their most recent gig was for "Jurassic World," and Oculus hopes to set them up with a bunch more development deals to help market major Hollywood blockbusters.

Lastly, Ford's in the news with some new car tech that might cheer up night drivers. It's working on small spotlights that work in conjunction with your standard, forward-facing headlights to illuminate potential hazards and living things on the road. The system uses GPS, infrared cameras and other technology to help the spotlights find what they need to shine on, and Ford says the tech will hopefully be here in the near future.

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211: Cute robot passes small but important AI test

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