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Customize your iPhone 5C case with CaseCollage

A free app will help you turn your iPhone 5C Apple case from full of holes into a personalized work of art.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

When Apple announced its colorful line of iPhone 5C devices, it also announced a line of matching cases, full of holes on the backside to let the device's color shine through.

For some, the color combinations provided by the phone and the case with the holes in the back will be enough. Others will find the lack of deeper personalization leaves them wanting more.

With a new free app in the App Store, you can now fully customize the holes in your iPhone 5C case, personalizing the device through and through.

As SlashGear pointed out, the app is called CaseCollage.

The simple app lays out a grid of dots that mimic those found on 5C cases, and helps you fill them in with a range of patterns, colors, letters and photos from your photo albums. A basic set of patterns, shapes, colors and fonts are included for free, with the option for you to purchase additional sets through an in-app purchase.

Once you're done organizing and arranging the dots, you simply print out your design at home and slip the piece of paper between your case on your phone.

To read more about CaseCollage, visit the developer's Web site Lunar Lincoln.

Download CaseCollage from the App Store.