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Custom BioShock pinball machine is Rapturous

An ambitious maker gets the ball rolling on a custom BioShock pinball machine full of details pulled straight from Rapture.

Custom BioShock pinball detail
Get ready to go underwater.

There are plenty of geeky pinball machines in existence. You can conquer a pinball version of "Lord of the Rings," bash bumpers with Transformers, and roll your way through "Avatar."

What happens when the object of your obsession isn't available in pinball form? You make your own. Pinball hacker/maker rasmadrak is going all BioShock on a custom-made pinball machine.

This ode to BioShock in pinball form takes plenty of details from the world of Rapture. Little Sister and Big Daddy make appearances and the whole color scheme is designed to play off the video game's look.

Rasmadrak delves into all sorts of DIY pinball details about the build in his blog, Poor Man's Pinball. If you ever wanted to read about putting an autolauncher together and choosing bumper cap colors, this is the blog for you.

The custom BioShock machine is still under construction, but I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product. After this epic build is done, perhaps rasmadrak will take requests. I'm rooting for a "No More Heroes" pinball machine.

BioShock pinball detail
The custom pinball machine is an ambitious DIY project. rasmadrak

(Via Engadget)