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Curiosity lands on Mars again, this time in HD

Relive the excitement and joy of Curiosity's triumphant arrival on Mars in NASA's newly released HD video of the landing.

Rover landing image
Catch rover fever, all over again.
Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

You thought you knew all about the Curiosity rover's Mars landing. You looked at the photos. You watched the NASA folks explode with delight on video. You proposed to Mohawk Guy on Twitter.

Then along comes a new look at the landing. The Curiosity Rover Twitter feed just unleashed an HD video mashup of the landing with play-by-play audio from our favorite space nerds at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory mission control.

Go ahead, crank it up in sweet 720p. Put it in full-screen mode. Thrill to the sights and sounds of the last 2.5 minutes before touchdown in the Gale Crater.

Probably the coolest part is near the end, where the landing kicks up a small Mars dust storm. The swirl of soil and wild screaming from happy NASA personnel is worth the wait.