Curb kicks the heat out from under hot laptops

Curb is a simple but practical laptop stand designed to make cooler computing both comfortable and portable.

One of Jon Liow's original concept images for the Curb.
Jon Liow

The problem of smoking laps due to hot-running laptops isn't new. All sorts of cooling devices have made their way to the market. Many are fairly large, suspending the laptop above your thighs, sometimes even incorporating fans. There is a simpler way, besides just using your laptop on a desk or table.

The Curb is a $12.99 device from Designed by M that has no moving parts. It's pretty much just a little triangular silicone prop made to keep your laptop up and air circulating between the hot bottom and your tender skin. It has a notch for your power cable to go through.

The Curb took an interesting route to market. It was originally featured as a concept on Yanko Design. That's where it caught the eye of Designed by M CEO Lester Mapp. Curb's original designer, John Liow, is now the lead industrial designer at the company.

The Curb is super simple, which is where the appeal lies. You could probably fashion one yourself out of wood or some other substance, but it's cheap enough to consider picking one up and saving yourself the hassle. It also comes in a lot of different colors. It is currently available to preorder, with an expected ship date in October.

Curb laptop stand
Curb comes in quite a few colors. Designed by M