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Curation becomes a form of expression

First it was blogging, then came status updates. Now the ways in which people express themselves online are morphing yet again.

Food, hair, and home decor. Yep, that's Pinterest. Screenshot by Jennifer Guevin/CNET

Pinterest and Tumblr exploded this year as users flocked to the two sites, which are a little like book-marking services on steroids, to curate highly visual collections of images of food, clothes, favorite travel spots, inspirational quotes, and, particularly in Tumblr's case, hilarious memes.

Pinterest grew quickly in the creative and crafting communities early this year, filling up with beautiful photos and inspirational projects. It's so popular now that some police departments use the site to find wanted criminals and missing people. Tumblr, a hipster favorite, provides a bunch of original content as well, but the most popular Tumblrs seem to be those collecting the best memes known to the Internet, including the presidential debate favorite, Binders Full of Women.

There's no reason to think this trend will go away any time soon. Similar sites, like shopping-centric Fancy are springing up to bring their own angle to the mix.

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