Watch Cubs win the World Series, this time in Lego

Highlight video takes us back out to the ballgame, where Chicago fans are sure to click with the results.

It had been 108 years since the Chicago Cubs won a World Series, so forgive fans for wanting to relive last week's sweet taste of victory over and over again, in various forms.

YouTubers thefourmonkeys, who specialize in stop-motion Lego films, put together the highlights of the Cubbies' miraculous Game 7 in a sweet little video published Tuesday.

It's just over a minute long, but still manages to include not only the game highlights, but fan antics, including Ohio native LeBron James pulling off a Hulk-like muscle flex when his Cleveland Indians tied things up. Even the infamous rain delay is reproduced -- with what might possibly be a plain white paper towel representing the tarp.

Cleveland faithful, you might want to pass on Lego for Playmobil or something for a few days. There's always next year.