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Cubano sandwiches and life as a video game are YouTube hits

Also topping the charts this week is a video that answers that pressing question: Which is more dangerous, a wood splinter or a glass one?

Every week I check out what's trending on YouTube to see what's hot. If you've read my earlier posts, you probably know I usually stay away from sports footage, politics, or music videos because you'll search for that stuff anyway if that's what you like.

Instead, I look for videos from cool YouTube channels that catch my eye by being funny, educational or just plain cool.

This week, I have a great collection that covers everything from the environment to re-imagining life as a video game.

First, while nobody likes to get a splinter, this video from the SciShow channel explains why certain types of splinters are not as harmful as others:

Next, I've written about the cooking channel Binging with Babish before, but as a lover of Cubano sandwiches, I simply couldn't pass this one up:

We've all probably heard of the giant masses of plastic floating in our oceans. But this video from the It's okay to be smart channel seeks to understand just how much there is:

Finally, one of my favorite videos in awhile from the Casually Explained channel compares our lifespans with character progression in MMO video games. If you're a gamer like I am, I can pretty much guarantee you're going to laugh:

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