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Cthulhu coin bank: Save your money, lose your marbles

Put your spare change into the maddeningly protective embrace of a Great Old One.

Give me your pennies and your sanity. Diamond Select Toys

If you've spent anytime shopping for Cthulhu figurines (like I have), you know they can be crazy-expensive. Now you can save up for a nice Elder God statue by using a low-cost vinyl Cthulhu bank. This bank eats other piggy banks for brunch. Then it eats souls for a snack.

The bank comes from Diamond Select Toys and stands 8 inches (20.3cm) tall, which is considerably less than life size. You'll be grateful for the diminutive size when it comes time to battle the beast for control of your sanity. (Spoiler alert: you will lose.)

A coin slot cut into the head accepts your currency while a small door opens up under the base to let it back out.

The green deity was designed by sculptor Eli Livingston, known for his creative takes on horror and monster themes. It features a tentacled face, long nails and a crouching shape that will haunt your deepest nightmares. Diamond notes, "Idol possesses no supernatural properties." If it helps you sleep at night, you can tell yourself anything you want.

The bank is also available from massive geek retailer ThinkGeek for $20 (about £15, AU$25). The ThinkGeek listing includes a note that the bank may need to be dipped in warm water in case the coin door on the bottom gets warped and won't open. This, of course, is just Cthulhu's plan to drive you to the brink of madness by keeping all your carefully saved-up coins hidden away in its belly.

Cthulhu bank with coin
Cthulhu saves in case he gets hungry later. ThinkGeek