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Crush enemy bottles with this power glove

Want a really firm handshake? Try Bionic Concepts' Exo Gauntlet 2.0 and you'll make an impression.

Hand in glove: J.P. Rishea's Exo Gaultlet can crush with up to 250 psi.
Bionic Concepts

I bet New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg would like to teach sugary drinks a thing or two with this power glove.

Actually, Canadian designer J.P. Rishea's device is a gauntlet -- the Exo Gauntlet 2.0 to be precise -- which makes it all the more badass. It's billed as having a grip strength "strong enough to break hard plastic cups and crush empty cans."

Rishea's Bionic Concepts Web site is offering this exoskeleton accessory to would-be cyborgs for roughly $3,200.

"It got a grip strong enough to crush cans," says Rishea, a Toronto-based tinkerer who's been engineering his own gadgets since he was 14.

"The glove is powered by hydraulics and would bruise your arm if applied to it," he adds.

To operate the glove, you strap your hand inside and push a button to activate the small actuators, then crush away. It's powered by CO2 in a large belt-mounted canister that can deliver 90 psi.

But using a compact 16-gram C02 cartridge, about the size of a large marker, would increase the crushing force to as much as 250 psi, according to Rishea, who's also selling his wares on Etsy.

The speed of the grip can also be adjusted, allowing it to snap shut instantly or close slowly like a python. Check out this video of the gauntlet crushing a plastic bottle.

Rishea hasn't sold any Exo Gauntlets yet, and is already at work improving a spring-loaded grappler that can grab objects up to 6 feet away.

With that, you won't even have to reach for those sugary drinks before crushing them.

(Via Dude!!! I Want That...)