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Cristiano Ronaldo statue was built of nightmares and bronze

Social Cues: An airport tried to honor the soccer star with a bronze bust. Too bad it's terrifying.

Social Cues is our look at what people are talking about across Twitter and Facebook.

You may never be multi-millionaire Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, but at least you'll also never likely have an ugly statue make you Twitter's laughingstock.

If you are Ronaldo, and reading this article, please let us know how this bronze abomination become a reality.

A Portuguese airport on Wednesday hosted the soccer icon after changing its name to the Aeroporto Cristiano Ronaldo, and unveiled a bronze bust of the Real Madrid striker. Many, however, think the bust looks as if Ronaldo had slammed his face into the ground multiple times.

Without missing a beat, people on social media took their free shots at the Ronaldo statue, sending a flurry of jokes at the ugly mug.

Just take a look at some side-by-side comparisons of the real Ronaldo and the bust. Like the botched Jesus painting that became a meme, this goes to show you: if you screw something up badly, people on the internet will laugh at you until the next big mistake comes around.

But hey, at least the statue has some company in the Hall of Shame for sculptures. It can join the Lucille Ball statue unveiled in Celoron, New York, in 2009. While that 400-pound bronze sculpture has been replaced, the memory of the horrifying statue will never fade.

Here's hoping the replacement bust of Ronaldo won't be as terrifying as the original.