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Creepiest app ever lets you wear someone else's face

A new app from Yahoo Japan maps someone else's face over your own features.


I feel fantastic, hey, hey, hey.
(Credit: Michelle Starr/CNET Australia)

A new app from Yahoo Japan maps someone else's face over your own features.

This has to be possibly one of the creepiest apps we've seen, and we may or may not be including Girls Around Me in that statement. On the other hand, perhaps if Ed Gein had had Face Stealer and an iPhone, he might not have felt the need to resort to murdering quite as much as he did.

"Do you ever want to look like celebrities?" the app's description asks. "Face Stealer will turn your face into someone else in real time"

Well, it sort of does do that. There is a selection of faces pre-installed that you can try on for size, including the Mona Lisa, Barack Obama, Nefertiti and Albert Einstein. Once you select a face, your iDevice — using its front camera — will map that face over your own, tracking your facial features. As you move your face, the mask will stretch and move also, synchronising with your mouth and eyebrows, and tracking the angle of your head.

But that's not all. You can also use a search function to find faces, human or animal, to play with. Once you've found one, the mouth and eye positions are assigned automatically; but since it may not place them correctly, you can edit the eye and mouth positions, as well as the shape of the face so that it fits properly. You can also take a photo of a friend from within the app, or access your camera roll to wear the faces of the people you know.

Unfortunately, it doesn't make you look like a gorgeous queen or handsome movie star. It just makes you look really, really weird. And horrible. And then more weird. But we kind of really love it anyway.

Face Stealer for iOS (Free)