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Creative set to release latest Flip Video competitor

In December, Creative will roll out the third-generation Vado HD, a pocket digital camcorder that competes with Flip Video and Kodak models.

The third-generation Vado HD comes in black or white. Creative

With Kodak and Flip Video releasing new pocket camcorders this fall, Creative will launch the next version of its Vado HD in December. Simply dubbed "third-generation" Vado HD, the new model comes in black or white and will retail for $179.99. It has 4GB of built-in memory, captures 720p HD video, and offers several improvements over previous versions.

They include:

  • Improved quality of video in low light or brightly lit conditions with manual exposure adjustments
  • External stereo microphone support for better audio recording
  • Headphone output for private listening
  • Motion Detection mode will enable users to program the camera to begin recording as soon as motion is detected
  • Out-of-the box Mac and PC compatibility
  • Still Photo Capture Mode
  • New Vado Central 3.0 software with more instant Web-uploading capabilities (Facebook, YouTube, Kinkast) and integrated editing options
All Vado HD pocket camcorders have a removable, rechargeable battery and an HDMI port for outputting video to an HDTV. Typically, their street prices end up significantly lower than their list prices, which has made Vado HD camcorders more attractive, despite some shortcomings. Let's hope the same holds true for this model.