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Dad teaches kids about science using breakfast food

This creative dad teaches his children about science and sci-fi with one of America's favorite breakfast treats. Now, please pass the syrup.

Nathan Shields/Saipancakes

Nathan Shields is an illustrator and math teacher living in Washington state. While living in Saipan, he started a weekly breakfast tradition shared by many: making pancakes for his family. But Shields' creations were no ordinary pancakes. Shields makes incredibly detailed creations that look just like different kinds of sharks, cephalopods, and even "Star Wars" characters. He shows his creations to the world on his blog, Saipancakes.

Each week, Shields unveils a new line of culinary creations that he uses to both educate and feed his family, and each week has a different science or sci-fi theme.

Shields creates dozens of different pancakes to represent the species or characters associated with that week's theme, each crafted in exquisite finger-licking detail. There are tauntauns, jawas, and tusken raiders in the "Star Wars" collection, and hammerheads, great whites, and mako sharks for the shark theme. It's pretty dang impressive and makes us wish we grew up in the Shields household.

So, what will this flapjack of all trades make next week? Maybe he's decided already, but perhaps he's, ahem, waffling a bit on it.

Nathan Shields/Saipancakes

(Via LaughingSquid)