Create word clouds with Wordle

Create word clouds from text with different fonts, layouts, colors, and more.

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Eddie Cho
Generate and customize your word cloud with dozens of settings and combinations. Screenshot by Eddie Cho/CNET

Wordle is a simple Web app that's useful for creating eye-popping "word clouds" just by inputting text.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but with Wordle, a thousand words is worth a word cloud. (Try saying that out loud a thousand times.)

Wordle lets you create custom word clouds like the ones found on blogs and other Internet content sites. A word cloud is a popular visualization of words typically associated with Internet keywords and text data. They are most commonly used to highlight popular or trending terms based on frequency of use and prominence.

In order to create a word cloud on Wordle, simply go to the homepage and click on the Create tab. Wordle will directly guide you to the creation process, with no barriers to entry like sign-ups or Facebook log-ins. Simply provide the text by either typing in words or copying and pasting words from an outside source such as a news article, an essay, or even an RSS feed. Once you're finished, hit the Submit button and voila! You just got yourself a fancy word cloud! Wordle will automatically generate a text cloud and emphasize the most prominent words. However, you're free to customize your clouds: tweak the font, layouts, or choose from a variety of preset color schemes.

Overall, Wordle's speed, features, and simplicity will appeal to anyone who deals with text on a daily basis, especially bloggers and content creators.